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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Tandoori Broccoli | Tandori Gobhi Tikka/Broccoli | foddiescorner

Tandoori Broccoli | Tandori Gobhi Tikka/Broccoli | foddiescorner

Learn how to make Tandoori Broccoli masala at home with easy steps. Try this Tandoori Broccoli masala, it tastes amazing and can be made in nonstick as well as microwave. Recipe is very easy it can be served as side dish or can be used as a starter this recipe is very good for people suffering from cholestrol,diabetes and so on.This dish require only 1 tbsp oil and your recipe is ready.So friends what are you waiting for make this yummy Tandoori Broccoli tikka starter


1-2 tbsp.roasted gram flour (take some butter carom seed and roasts it)

2tbsp.hung curd

1-2tbsp.Ginger Garlic Green chili Paste

2 cup Broccoli

1tbsp.turmeric powder

1/2tbsp. red chili powder

1-2 tbsp. Lemon juice

1tbsp.mustard oil/olive oil

2tbsp.pav bhaji/tandoori masala



Wash and keep broccoli in warm water for sometime 

In a bowl take roasted gram flour, Green chili paste, hung curd,turmeric,red chili, tandoori masala,lemon juice, salt &mustard oil mix all well and make a smooth consistency add broccoli one by one and coat them nicely and cover them with a cling sheet

Set aside for hour or half if in hurry 15-20 minutes will also work

Place the broccoli in the grill stand you can use baking tray place all the coated broccoli in it.

Place the stand on preheated oven for 10-15 minutes in Grill mode

Tandori broccoli  is ready serve hot with chutney and salad


Cut and wash broccoli well keep it in boiling water for 5 minutes then place it in cold water so that broccoli doesn't lose it color

Marinate it for minimum of 15-20 minutes

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