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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Mushroom Chili Tikka Masala |Easy to make in microwave | foddiescorner

Mushroom Chili Tikka Masala

Learn how to make mushroom chili tikka masala at home with
easy steps. Try this mushroom chili tikka masala, it tastes amazing and can be
made in nonstick as well as microwave. So friends what are you waiting for make
this yummy tikka starter, will be loved by your kids too J


1-2 tbsp.roasted gram flour (take some butter carom seed and roasts it)
2tbsp.hung curd
1-2tbsp.Ginger Garlic Green chili Paste
Yellow bell pepper
Tomato (deseeded cut in cubes)
Onion (cubes)
1tbsp.turmeric powder
1/2tbsp. red chili powder
1-2 tbsp. Lemon juice
1tbsp.mustard oil
2tbsp.pav bhaji/tandoori masala


In a bowl take roasted gram flour, Green chili paste, hung curd,turmeric,red chili, tandoori masala,lemon juice, salt &mustard oil mix all well and make a smooth consistency add all the veggies one by one and coat them nicely and cover them with a cling sheet

Set aside for hour or half

Screw all the veggies in the skewer and microwave it for 10min on each side
 (20-24 min at 230°c)after 10min.flip it

Veg tikka is ready serve hot with chutney and salad

Temperature differ microwave to microwave.pls keep on seeing in between, Samsung has in build recipe so you can directly go with it booklet.

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